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About Us

Customized cybersecurity solutions for all your business needs


Cutting-edge systems put the power of modern technology and human intelligence to work for you


Rapid response times and 24-hour availability so you’re always covered



Innovative solutions and a focus on data privacy to maintain your business’s integrity

Our mission is simple:

We protect your digital data so you can focus on building your business.

Our vision is clearcut:

Confidentiality and client privacy are our primary concerns.

Our mantra is straightforward:

Foresight and preventive action is always the best method.

How our vision becomes reality


Our broad range of experience in a variety of industries gives us intimate knowledge of the cybersecurity challenges unique to your business.


Our services include the full range of preventive and reactive solutions that your business requires to stay safe in this modern digital era.


Our elite team provides the perfect combination of professional service with a personal touch, protecting your data as if it were our own.


The security defense system for your most valuable assets.


A system of protection that accompanies your every digital move.


Fiercely guarding your digital data in the big wide cyberspace out there.

CyberConvoy: Our name speaks for itself.

Meet our executives:

Zisha Twersky
Yitz Einhorn

Zisha Twersky, CEO

Fascinated by data for years, it was this understanding of the value of digital information and its extreme power – in the right hands, and even worse, in the wrong hands – that led Zisha to found CyberConvoy. An emphasis on innovation, a focus on improving systems, and a fierce defender of the people – these are the defining characteristics of CyberConvoy’s CEO. Because it’s not just about cold hard facts and figures. It’s about the people and lives the data represents. And protecting the freedom of those individuals is the guiding vision of CyberConvoy.

Yitzchok Einhorn, COO

Curiosity and a thirst for knowledge were the driving factors that led Yitzchok into the ever-evolving field of IT and cybersecurity. Because he knew that knowledge is power – when used correctly. And even worse – when misused by bad actors. That belief was the driving impetus that led to the founding of CyberConvoy.
With extensive experience in the field and intimate knowledge of the various technologies employed by an array of diverse industries, no task is too great and no challenge is too formidable. Outsmarting the cyber enemies that prowl the great wide cyber world is the primary aim of CyberConvoy. So that your business can thrive and prosper.

Zisha Twersky

Jacob Einhorn,
SVP, Detection & Response, & CISO

The security whisperer! Jacob brings knowledge, perspective, and expertise with close to 30 years of experience in the cybersecurity industry. In his most recent role as CISO for a fortune 1000 company, Jacob was on the receiving end of various security services, which made him the ideal professional to join our team and lead the efforts to address and solve some of the most pressing issues in the industry. Having vast experience, Jacob understands how technology has evolved and how important it is to stay not 1 but 10 steps ahead of those who want to harm an organization.

Our Results


Better Protection.

Your company will be better protected than it is today


Success Rate.

You’ll enjoy the advantages of our unmatched record in customer service.



You’ll enjoy protection from data breaches and resultant financial loss.

Why rely on CyberConvoy for your security needs?

We know what it takes to protect a business in this digital age
We possess the knowledge and tools necessary to protect you
We believe that your success deserves the best security possible

Cyber security: Your peace of mind, guaranteed.